“Don’t Bring Black People to My Games…”

So what exactly is all the shock over Donald Sterling statements and feelings, that were heard in a “private” conversation?

Let me break some things down for you…

1. These are views of many white people in this world and because it’s taught to their offspring…it will LIVE ON FOREVER.
2. These are conversations they have in Private on a regular basis. Even your co-workers and colleagues. They don’t HATE you, they just don’t wish to associate with you.
3. His statements and words are that of what I would expect a SLAVE owner to say. “I will allow you to work for me, but when people come to my home, you need to go to the back..”
4. Are you going to use your consumer dollars (which is the most used out of any demographic in the world) to show that you don’t agree with this man’s feelings and statements? Or will you passively make comments on social media and be sitting the stands, or watching the next Clipper game?
5. “Suspending” the owner of the team doesn’t stop his money from coming in.

So I ask again, why are you shocked?

Listen to Donald Sterling’s statements here Tell me what you think?

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