What’s wild about these claims that black feminists bash black men and that feminism is the problem, I have one example that debunks it…

Ponder for a moment how a lot of men react to having daughters and then how men raise daughters… it is TELLING. Some dread it, why?

The answer is two-fold:

You know men are trash and you know you may have been trash so you’re afraid of karma. But none of this karma comes in woman. You aren’t fearful of your daughter finding feminism, although you cite it as the issue and you aren’t fearful for her to be around black women, although you claim black women hate their fellow black women the most (laughable)…. that’s not your fear.


Your fear when you have a daughter is MEN.

So WHY NOT ADDRESS YOUR FELLOW MEN?  Because us feminists and womanists are doing the lifting. We want a safe world for ourselves, for your daughters, for our daughters and you know it is fucked up or you wouldn’t be scared.

“I’m keeping an eye on her for her whole life” “I’m keeping her locked up” “I’m buying 10 guns” “She can’t date”

What is the common theme?

Fear of men and what they are capable of. So please, in 2017, spare us this convo we have been having since 2009 and stop being obtuse

You know it is an issue or you wouldn’t be telling your sister to avoid one of your homeboys that you know is trash..but too coward to speak

Words by: Mrs. Grotke