292972927How Would You Feel?

So what’s up with parents posting themselves discipling their children on social media platforms for the word to see? I’m not against structure and discipline. I think that children desire structure and when they disobey rules that have been outlined by the heads of the household, there should be natural consequences. The act of discipline, depending on the way it occurs can be a humiliating act in itself. In the age of social media, I have seen several videos where parents are disciplining their kids. And the posts I see are not the actual parent, but posted by someone who has shared it. So now the video is “viral”. Meaning that it’s being circulated by thousands of users.

If you’re doing this to your child, remember that his/her kids will be able to watch this. Again, there is nothing wrong with disciplining a child, but to humiliate when your job is to protect the child is just wrong. I think when parents video or allow for someone else to video their child being disciplined, it’s solely to satisfy their own ego. You see, not only is the parent disciplining the child, but because they felt they were embarrassed by their child’s action, they want to in turn, embarrass their child. But by doing this for the public to view defeats the purpose.

What Will Happen?

Now that this video is viral for the world to see, it remains in the atmosphere as long as the internet exists. And I don’t think it’s going anywhere any time soon. So now long after the lesson has been taught, the child will be able to go back and look at a moment in their life when they weren’t so proud of themselves. The worst part of it, they can see it, their friends can see it, classmates can see it (and hopefully doesn’t contribute to a bully’s antics), future employers, future boy/girlfriends. So now you’ve created a space in their life to live with the humiliation over and over again.

The bottom-line, your child will live with regret and end up resenting you and respect will disappear, because you have failed to respect them. So I say this to say, be careful. We are granted children to love, nurture, provide and protect. Putting them out there as a form of humiliation is a not the path to travel.

It’s our job to protect them. Don’t forget that.

What do you think? Do you think this method of punishment is effective?