Be careful who you call your friends…also be careful who you side with and align yourself with. Don’t say or repeat anything you wouldn’t sign your name to.

We all have learned several lessons about friendships and relationships. In this social media era, we are connecting with people and forming friendships and alliances..and we don’t always know the other person behind the computer. Although they seem personable and likable you don’t know them…at the end of the day. Sometimes these friendships only last a season and when they’re over, feelings are hurt, egos are bruised and words are spoken. Understand that everyone you speak to on the internet is not your friend. So be careful when using that word…unless it doesn’t mean shit to you.

I just have been a witness to several instances and I am a pretty good judge of character and can feel a persons energy. If there is something wrong, I will adjust my interactions accordingly.

Thanks for watching